Please enjoy   "New Happenings Around Church".  



How many of you have noticed the flag pole on our church grounds?   A few months ago Walter Milouski asked if their family could donate a United Methodist flag to fly below the American flag.  At the same time I noticed that our American flag was getting old and faded.  Bill Parry said he would donate an American flag that had flown over the United States Capital building. 


Below are a few pictures of both flags proudly flying on the St John's United Methodist flag pole.


St John's Trustees would like to thank both the Milouski and Parry families for their flag donations.





The first New Happening I would like to share is the  "Prayer Garden" located on the edge of the woods near the basketball court.  As you can see by the pictures below it is really starting to take shape.  Don Werley and Deb Laliberte brought their dream of a beautiful and serene prayer garden for all St John's attendees to enjoy to the Trustees last year.  With Trustee support, crosses and bench areas were built, a water line was installed, then Don and Deb began working their magic with landscaping and flowers.


Even though there are still some final touches to complete, please feel free to visit and enjoy St John's Prayer Garden.


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